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With Q-Tsie's Direct Marketing And Advertising Packages

Q-tsie's Advertising/Marketing Packages are the key and unique way to growing your business. We offer both professional hand delivery and out-of-state mailing options to ensure your message and advertising reaches your intended clients, referral partners, and marketing campaigns.


 Our Direct Marketing/Advertising Packages serve multiple purposes. Our Direct Marketing/Advertising Packages are designed to take the guess work out of marketing. We hand deliver your advertising packages directly to the clients and business partners that you are looking to target. They serve as appreciation advertising to loyal clients who choose to do business with you and are also a great way to target potential business partners and clients by saying, "I would love to do business with you." Our professional, gourmet packages and baskets are also great to send to coworkers and potential clients.

Relation Marketing

Our packages can be used to give an extraordinary experience in saying thank you to those who do business with you.

Convenient Delivery Options

Trust our team to professionally hand deliver your advertising packages and baskets. We can also mail our baskets out of state, making sure they safely make their way to the individuals that you are looking to target.

Our Why

We at Q-tsie understand that each company, corporation, and business that your clients/customers are the lifeblood of your business. Therefore, Here at Q-tsie we makes sure that each of your clients/customers receives a hand-delivered or mailed-out Advertising Package. This in turn helps them feel VALUED, APPRECIATED, HEARD and that they matter in each BUSINESS transaction. This builds strong relationships and creates positive experiences for clients/customers. It also communicates your commitment to providing exceptional service and ensuring that your clients/customers feel like an integral part of your business' success.